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Get to know the Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Antoine was raised in Altoona, Wisconsin.  She graduated in 1991 and enlisted in the Marine Corps in June of that year.  She spent four years in the Marine Corps Band then transferred from the band field to public affairs, where she ended her career after 20 years.  She retired from the Marine Corps on April 30, 2017, and began her journey as a candidate in the doctoral program the next day.  Dr. Antoine graduated from Pacific College of Health and Science in December of 2020 and was licensed in April of 2021.  She feels this is the place where she is supposed to be, helping as many people as possible to find health and wellness.  She embraces the Master Tung style treatments, as well as more contemporary treatments for orthopedic and neurological cases to ensure each treatment is a custom-fit for each patient.  She enjoys playing a round (or as many as possible) of golf and spending time with her family. 


Does acupuncture hurt?

Sensations such as tingling, itchiness or heaviness are quite common after the needles are placed, but that is a GOOD thing.  It’s a sign that your qi (energy) is moving and healing is happening!  Many of the needles I use are as thin as a strand of hair and many times you won’t even feel them go in.  Most often, patients are so relaxed they fall asleep on the table!

Where would the needles be placed?

The needle placement is 100 percent dependent on the amount and quality of pain, as well as the location.  There are hundreds of points, and each has its own function.  Single points and pairs of points are used for many different reasons.  Don’t be surprised if your shoulder hurts and I put a needle in your shin!

How long are the visits?

The first visit is a little longer, about 90 minutes, so a full health assessment can be taken.  After that, appointments are about 60 minutes from beginning to end.  Just think of the 30-40 minutes you get to relax, take time for yourself and listen to peaceful music.

What should I wear?

Loose fitting clothing is best.  Most treatments will require access from foot to knee area, as well as the entirety of upper body.  Orthopedic cases may require clothing to be removed, but in that case, body coverings are provided as patient privacy and respect is paramount.

How do I prepare for a treatment?

There isn’t much preparation for an acupuncture treatment.  I recommend that you eat at least a snack or light meal within 2 hours before your appointment.  There is quite a bit of work going on behind the scenes, and it’s important you have energy in your system to support that work.

What is the recovery time after an appointment?

There really is no “down time” post treatment.  Some procedures such as cupping and gua sha have a few post treatment recommendations, but work or regular exercise routines will not be interrupted.